It is possible to be both. Sustainable & Stylish
Whether you’re building your career or concentrate on being a stay-at home parent, it seems that you have no time at all to take care of yourself. That is where I step in, to help you to create your unique style and customised wardrobe. To save you time, frustration and money. To enlarge your opportunities and minimise your carbon footprint. For a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.
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Style Made For You!

Are you ready to build your unique sense of style and feel happy in your clothing? Is your wardrobe chaotic and you feel like starting from the scratch, but you are also aware of the environmental impact of buying, likely returning hoards of new clothes?

I’m here to show you that great style is accessible to absolutely everyone, and that building a dream wardrobe, is so much easier than you think.

Outdoor full body fashion portrait of  fashionable woman wearing sunglasses, white turtleneck, green suit, blazer, trousers, leopard print boots, holding suede bag, posing in street of european city

Wear Your Values

My goal is to provide uplifting sessions, which bring positive difference to your life. Through a wardrobe therapy I will help you to find your own personal style that will achieve an harmony within your body and soul. Giving you a personalised wardrobe which will make you and our planet smile.



Capsule Wardrobe

Sustainable Styling

Giving what you already own, a new lease of life!

If you would like to align yourself with sustainability, I’m here to build your capsule wardrobe that fully captures your personality and your aesthetic aspirations.

choosing blazor colors


Solidifying your sense of personal style.

Helping you to discover your personal style, to define a palette of colours and type of clothing that enhance your overall look and appearance.

clothing choices


Sit back & relax. Your clothes are cared for.

To make a fresh start in life, get your complete wardrobe transformation including organising, decluttering, cleaning out, folding and categorising.